In the Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz, James Madison is a man of about 5″6, which isn’t too short, but he seems smaller because of his boyish face and tiny voice. This same James Madison somehow winds up in the Constitutional Convention and later becomes president! How can a man with a small voice help write the United States Constitution? How can James Madison become America’s fourth president? Find out in this book, which is very well written and captivating for a history book, and you might enjoy reading this just for fun, just wanting a good story. It also includes some good information about others, such as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, along the way in this story. The only thing I could say bad about this story is that it says that James Madison was 5″6, whereas in other places it reads that James Madison’s height was anywhere from 5″2 to 5″6. I do not know whether this book has the most accurate depiction of the Great Little Madison’s height or not, but this doesn’t matter. If you’re looking for a book on James Madison, or just a fun real-life read, then read this book by Jean Fritz. Unforgettable Americans is a whole series, but since Jean Fritz did not write them all then I will not review the whole series as one, as I have only read this book (as of March 2010.)

Ages: 11-15
Books: The Great Little Madison